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The 6 leading advantages
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The anti-slipped and curved grip for more service control: maximum power with loose wrist and relaxed musculature. Plus: extreme kick effect possible

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Turbo-Spin success factors: the CarvingStars' sweet sapace and the CarvingStars' dynamic friction. Increased sweet spot and the creation of additional motion friction throught diagonal ball contact. This optimazed the interaction of head width and vertical and horizontal stringing pattern

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The upward-tilted racket-head enabled a new, better, natural and more powerful slice. The novel angled head-shaft-line optimized your motion immediately

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You have optimal racket-hand-contact, because of the ergonomic grip. More feeling, more differentiation and a natural attitude

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Relaxed marksmanship with naturally positioned wrist. No constant angling of the wrist, what prevents against a tennisarm. Ideal for beginners, improved conditions for advanced players

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You have no excuses for balls out of range anymore: Less stooping, smaller lunge, better control, conserve power