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Mr. Thomas Emmrich, former European an German Champion (50+, playes the Carvingstar and explains the advantages of the Racket:



Rackets Tested by tennis magazine Feb 08

The Neoxxline carving Star tennis rackets have been tested and approved by the leading journal tennis magazine in Germany.

We would like to thank the testers that they have the time to play with this exceptional racket, and on the racket involved. We also want to thank the Tennis Magazine for the test, that we have been admitted.

German Champion:

Both finalists of the German Indoorchampionship in February 2008 have played with the Carvingstar: Thomas Emmrich won and Sönke Klang became Vice (55+)


Tennis Magazin

In its first issue 2008 the Tennismagazin statet the Carvingstar with GUT(Good).
Take a look at the testingresults!